Onadai is multi-national company with a vast portfolio in finance, logistics and transport, information technology, tourism, mining, and property development amongst others. Founded by an astute businessman, the company is steadily becoming a key player in the African diaspora.

Vision statement
The company intends to be the foremost bridge regarding instilling best business practice, in management of business finances. The company intends to achieve Africa to Africa trade and within investments.

Mission statement

The company is in the process of expanding partnerships. At the moment the company works closely with IRS Auditing services, this the company that provides all the auditing services should a client request for one. The company is in contact with a number of leading investment companies in South Africa and SADC for partnerships in this regard. The company is well established to perform day to accounting work. The primary objective is to undertake large scale due diligence investigation in any industry. This is as a result of having noticed how most BEE purchase where sold and at the top due diligence investigation which have resulted in most BEE companies closing down or be in serious cash flow problems.


Our value is to look inwards with a view that this is our and look at the best interest of investors - BUSINESS IN WARD OUT.

Business goals & objectives

Our goals and objective is that we build an upward channel for business or individuals we deal with. To our clients if possible assist till dawn, if necessary.

Growth strategy

The company never lets an opportunity go by as long as it is morally right and makes business sense. We always look out for opportunities.